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Your Music Taste Does NOT Make You Superior

I am almost certain that each and every one of us has met that person who considers himself to be greater than all others, just because of his taste and opinions about music, and if you haven’t then you might just be them. They have a notion that the type of music they listen to is better and that the music you listen to is meaningless and inferior. I believe that your taste in music is subjective and it doesn’t make you superior at all.

Your Music Taste Does NOT Make You Superior

There is no objective way to qualify music as good or bad, other than the number of people who enjoy it. I am NOT a fan of Country Music. It is not enjoyable to me, and I get a little annoyed at it. But if I tried to make the claim that Country Music is no good, then I won’t be thinking rationally. It’s LOVED by millions and millions of people. It’s like trying to say a given food is delicious or not. Someone who doesn’t like it, doesn’t like it. That doesn’t mean it’s not delicious to someone else. That’s why I have a problem with people who mock people’s taste in music. Whatever they themselves listen to, it’s almost guaranteed someone else won’t like it.

All Music is unique and valuable to different people for different reasons. There is no excuse for shaming others for their taste in music because everyone has different interests and you never know what their reason might be for loving a certain artist so much.

Music Purists (so to say) have seemed to have developed stereotypes about some genres of music and artists. Artists like Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and One Direction are thought of as tasteless and not “Real” artists. But, why is there such shame in liking this kind of music? Maybe it’s because it is associated with teenage girls who are some of the most ridiculed people in our society. Anything that teen girls like is immediately dismissed as devoid of value by the rest of society and that holds true for music as well.

Another stereotype seen nowadays is that the quality of music has degraded with time. How music of the ”Golden Era” was so much better and how people with a specific taste in music were born in the “Wrong Era”. I believe that this is inherently wrong because of the fact that again your own choice is personal.

As time goes on, people mostly remember the good over the bad. It’s not that there isn’t bad older music, it’s just that most of the real bad stuff is forgotten now. With Newer Music, the good still coexists with the bad. Twenty years from now, the good New Music will mostly be remembered and The Bad will mostly be forgotten, and the listeners of the future will call today’s music good and their time’s bad. I’ve found music to enjoy from every era, but I can understand the reasons people have for disliking newer music, even if it isn’t inherently worse than older music. That, and people tend to remember most fondly the music they listened to as kids/teens/young adults as we mostly thrive on the nostalgic or ironic factor at this point when it comes to enjoying music.

We never know how a certain artist affects someone, so we shouldn’t judge them because we don’t enjoy that kind of music. Even if the only reason that a person listens to a certain artist is because they appreciate their style, we should still respect that. Everyone has different tastes in music and no one genre or artist is objectively better than another. All Music is beautiful, unique, and important to certain people for specific reasons. So, you listen to your music and I’ll listen to mine, with nothing but respect for one another. Your Music Taste Does NOT Make You Superior Your Music Taste Does NOT Make You Superior


Pragya Tandon
Pragya Tandon

I feel like I am one of those snobby elitists. lol. Great piece


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