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What changed between January 26, 1950, and 2024, India's 75th Republic Day?

75 years have gone by, and the weight of history weighs more than the achievements we could ever talk about. Bloodshed is not an imprint that fades, it’s immersed in the soil, down to the roots, and each bud that blooms has a memory of it. 

What changed between January 26, 1950, and 2024, India's 75th Republic Day?

History never dies, I keep saying this. When we talk about the days bygone, we feel the grief yet we know it’s the grief of history that makes us remember it. Again and again. Okay, when you talk about Republic Day, isn’t it laden with tears and blood that you think of? Yes, the moments of victory may motivate you too, but it’s the grief of History that makes us revisit it. 75 years, yet 75 times alive and remembered. 

History has a way of appearing in our lives. Sometimes it consumes us. Other times, it paves the way for us to do better. And, during some unfortunate events, it makes us think and stop to mark out the similarities that sweep us off our feet. Our mouths wide open, our eyes distracted, we relate the present to History. The curious ways of History, I tell you. It continues to be here in every breath, event, victory, teardrop, defeat, and celebration. History and its reminders are the demonstrations demanded by the present. 

Let’s talk about Republic Day in light of change and takeaways. 

26th Jan 1950, the day that the Constitution of India was brought into effect. It’s a framework that incorporates laws, frameworks, dominance, authority, power, and other similar matters of India. 75 years of Law and a method and system to share authority and ownership. In this longest-written constitution, words like ‘Equality’, ‘Justice’, ‘Liberty’, and ‘Fraternity’ form its core. And, to date, more or less, we’re finding, struggling, yearning, and sensing these form an integral part of our lives. 

75 years old, but equally relevant and crucial for our systems to function, the Constitution of India needs our attention and each year we aim to revisit it. We know equality, don’t we? But, how much of it is practically achievable? As humans, our inclination to error-making needs to be addressed. And, we’ve been doing it for 75 years. History needs repetition, Dear Reader. 

75 years ago, today was perhaps not a parade day but a welcoming law, and its branches strengthened India post-independence. The time then and now are both similar and different. Today and 75 years back, there was a yearning to see the Constitution of India being more than a document. Then, it was a start. Today, it’s somewhere, to some destination. To someplace. And, we either catch a glimpse of it or bump into it in awe. 

Years have redefined the ideas of ‘fraternity’, ‘equality’, ‘justice’, and ‘liberty’ and we see more of these appearing in digital spaces, more than in our lives. We communicate to express and expand our ideas of these 4 aspects. But, the practice is in the process. Laws are being framed, the practice has to shift towards the execution. 

Tomorrow, you’ll marvel at the parade organized in New Delhi, India. You’ll see the skies bedecked with the colours of India. History needs representation and demonstration too, I sense. Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri will be handed over while people will clap and cheer the dignified winners. 

So, I leave you here with my thoughts that what changed in these 75 years is the essence of history. Back then, History was created. Today, it needs us and is celebrated, demonstrated, and repeated. Wishing you a day that wouldn’t be another Holiday on the calendar.  India's 75th Republic Day India's 75th Republic Day


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