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How Does Pinterest Boost Our Manifestation Game?

As we are stepping into 2024, did you create a vision board for the new year?

What is your dream? What do you wish to be in the future? These were some of the questions that our parents, teachers, guardians, and loved ones used to ask us when we were children. Whatever our answers were back then, more often than not, they don't remain the same till we reach adulthood. Only if you are lucky enough to have figured out what you wish to be in early childhood. But most of us are clueless as to what the future holds for us. Navigating their dreams through the late teens and early twenties is one of the most defining stages of a person’s life.

Boost your manifestation game with Pinterest! Learn how this visual platform boosts goal-setting and amplifies the law of attraction. How Does Pinterest Boost Our Manifestation Game?

To make a dream come true requires many sleepless nights, consistency, and hard-core discipline. But most of all, a clear vision. 

A vision board might be of great help here. But how? A vision board is simply a physical or digital canvas that reflects your dreams and aspirations that you wish to achieve within a stipulated time. It is a collage of relevant images from newspapers, magazines, and other creative outlets that sets your intentions for the year. One of the top benefits of having a vision board is that you can always look at your creation to give yourself a boost and work towards achieving your dream life. A mental map is good, but a perfect, aesthetic, pristinely laid-out vision board is better!

The most important question is how to create one. Pinterest is the most popular social media platform to visualize your dream life through a digital vision board. 

Pinterest is not just a photo-sharing app, but a virtual diary that yields dreams and gives a visual aesthetic to grind for.

It turns our hazy dreams into clear vision boards—a prerequisite to attaining that in real life.

All you need to do is set your priorities straight. 

-Have specific goals that you wish to achieve in 2024.

-Then, start finding images on Pinterest to support your targets.

- Curate a manifestation board that reflects your vision.

- Bonus tip: Try to include quotes that challenge you when you read them to focus better.

Those square or rectangular-sized pictures not only create a visually appealing collage but also guide us one step toward our goal. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim. However, many people find it a useful visualization strategy to manifest their dreams. What if I say to you that doing this is not an exaggeration but elicits the power of visualization? 

“Social media, in general, is in a race to the bottom of the brainstem.” says Matthew, the Head of Retail Partnerships at Pinterest.

The joy of putting together all the images on one board, matching them under one theme, and piecing together the ‘aesthetic’ dream life you wish to achieve in the upcoming years is a process– deeply personal, therapeutic, and stimulating to our creative mind.

“But with Pinterest, we’re helping people and driving that dream creation. That, ultimately, is what we want. We want you to design those boards, dream big, think about the things you want, manifest them, and go get it. That’s Pinners have such a fundamentally different mindset.” – Matthew.

Every time I open this app, I am exposed to a mirage of lives I have never lived, never experienced—people partying in nightclubs, surfing in Hawaii, trekking in Nepal, and holidaying in Bali. It instills a desire, want, and hope that one day I will get to live through those adventures. 

In recent times, it has left other apps way behind in being my go-to app for inspiration for any and every kind of occasion in life—whether it’s to find a wedding outfit idea, channel my creative flair in writing, painting, doodling, journaling, or simply discovering different cuisine and recipes—Pinterest has it all. There can’t be a better social platform to spark inspiration, infuse creativity, and manifest your goals. 

The best thing is that you don’t have to read vicious comments by trolls and misleading headlines as clickbait.

As they say, "a goal properly planned is halfway reached.”

So get on it, take a leap of faith, and make your dream world a reality in the year 2024.

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