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Adult Breastfeeding Community: A Taboo

The inside world of the adult Breastfeeding Community is often the most neglected topic which does not have a specific mention in most legislations. Breastfeeding is delivering milk from the lady's breasts to her partner. There are several reasons why some adults choose to drink their partner's milk. Maybe, we can say it is a relationship from comfort to connection.

Many adults are very much interested in breastfeeding, also called erotic lactation. As per the various analyses of Google data, breastfeeding is very popular in different countries. Different Google search data starts with "my husband wants" and ends with "breastfeed him". According to reports and searches of 2017, the data to breastfeed a baby was almost equal to breastfeeding an adult man.

Though there are specific fetishes that are taboo to society, adult breastfeeding has a special place in the hierarchy of taboo. This fetish makes society very uncomfortable as it consists of two things:

● There is an idea that a man should not be dependent on a woman, not be vulnerable, and even not weaker than a woman.

● Secondly, sexualizing the thing for a woman is the most sacred thing for her body.

Breastfeeding an adult man : Will this kind of relationship will ever be accepted by the society?

There was a post in the New York newspaper which mentioned a story about the couple where the husband felt a kind of comfort in drinking milk from his wife's breasts, this was tagged as "WTF". These kinds of relationships are often seen as taboo which is also evident in sensational reporting. This kind of act is portrayed as "freaks" and the act is termed as either very cringe or gross.

The question which hereby arises in the mind of each individual is what is the thing which draws the partners into such kind of uncommon relationships?

This gives the opposite partners a sense of comfort, intimacy, and happiness. This is a kind of feeling which is facilitated by hormones and is secreted to produce a bond between the child and the mother, known as oxytocin. This occurs during arousal and sexual activity. It produces a relaxing sensation for both the partners and it is a nice way to fall asleep at the end of the day. The other reason which drives men into this process is those who are diagnosed with infertility.

To modern eyes and in today's generation, it sounds a lot strange and breastfeeding is often restricted to mothers and children. The social media pages and different websites bring up a huge talk on Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR). It states that the man who is suckling the milk from the nipple does not act like an infant nor does the woman act as a mother considering her partner the baby.

In my opinion, what's wrong and so weird in delivering breast milk to another human? Adult breastfeeding is a huge misconception which people in the community want to abuse. According to my, if the couples consider it as an act of intimacy, a demonstration of loyalty, and a proper connection, then who is the society to interfere? It is absolutely a person's personal choice and if they are okay, they are free to go ahead. Adult breastfeeding feeding is not a crime or sexual abuse. If a man can have breast milk from his mother, then why not his wife? As long as they feel a connection within the context of their relationship, no matter whether platonic or romantic relationship, it is perfect and fine.

The modern generation we stay in: Does it seem like in terms of breastfeeding? There are people who still look in a very awkward way even when a mother breastfeeds her child. The World Health Organization and UNICEF have approved and recommended breastfeeding. These aren't shocking anymore and we need to educate society even to accept the fact in a very proper way.


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