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Why Harry and Meghan are Lying About EVERYTHING!

Warning: Mental Health and Suicide Discussed. Reader discretion is advised.

Why Harry and Meghan are Lying about Everything. Meghan Markle is a liar and it's about time we called her out for it. Prince Harry with his wife and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Before they left their royal duties.

1.1 Billion viewers tuned in to watch the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but no one among these people could have estimated how quickly this fairytale would spin out of control. The young couple shocked the world in January this year by quitting royal duties and moving to North America. They said in a statement that they had to leave the royal family because of the British press but the things took a whole different turn in the bombshell interview they gave to Oprah Winfrey.

Unlike everyone else, I found the accusations made by the Sussex's very hard to believe which included allegations of racism, ignoring claims of suicide by the staff of palace, being financially cut off, etc.

Among the many gems to emerge from the interview the most serious one was that Archie (their first born) wasn’t given a title of prince because of his race which is completely untrue. Under protocols established by Late King George V in letters patent a little more than a century years ago(in 1917), the children and grandchildren of a sovereign have the automatic right to the title HRH and prince or princess.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rejected the title of Earl of Dumbarton for their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor because they feared the word ‘dumb’ in it would lead to bullying.

Furthermore, Meghan broke down in the interview about how she didn’t want to be alive anymore and that the palace had refused to provide her with the help she needed. It isn’t up to me to decide whether she had a mental health issue. I just find that impossible to believe that you would have two people in the palace that would be that callous to a woman telling them that she was suicidal. Meghan claimed that the palace didn’t want to provide her with help because it would be too bad for the brand of the royal family. Why would they say that when family members like Prince Charles, Princess Margaret, Kate Middleton and others did undergo therapy before?

But also, there’s the position of Prince Harry in all this. He is attached to many of the biggest mental health charities in Britain. He makes no secret of his desire that everyone who feels depressed or anxious or has suicidal thoughts should get immediate help, and yet here was his wife who says she was feeling constantly suicidal, and Prince Harry never sought to get her help. And I find that very hard to believe.

They keep on lecturing the commoners about their carbon footprint but weren’t shy for taking private jets across the world. In fact recently they took a jet to speak at the global citizen fest where they asked people to reduce their carbon footprint. After this I only have one word for them – ‘hypocrites’.

What’s tripped up their story are all the inconsistencies.

She claimed she never looked Prince Harry up, and didn’t know much about him and the royal family, but her childhood friend confirmed her to be a Diana enthusiast, and even wore Diana's favorite perfume to their first date and still continues to impersonate her dressing style.

Meghan said she wants privacy, and yet, hires the paparazzi for photos all the time. They say they don’t care about titles, yet constantly uses their title for any financial venture she participates in.

They have been in the news recently for partnering with an ethical investment firm. Talk about ethics by backstabbing your family and also making money out of it. They have signed a 3 year podcast deal with Spotify estimated around $15 million, a deal with Netflix rumored to be around $100 million.She says she feels betrayed by her father for selling her to the press, and yet she leaked her private letter to him to the press through her friends.

Look we’re not stupid. We as human beings look for consistency; consistency in character and in a person doing what they say. Consistency of actions and words is what helps us decide if we can trust someone.

And while Narcissists can gain initial trust and love, they struggle to maintain it as time passes. That’s because narcissists are doing and saying whatever is needed in the moment to achieve their goals, including lying.

An interesting lie that Meghan told during the Oprah interview was about the details of their supposed small wedding 3 days prior to the big public wedding. Well why lie about this as it was refuted by the Archbishop of Canterbury later.

Well it’s because in the moment, Meghan was trying to convince Oprah and her viewers that they’re a down to earth couple, they don’t care about all this pomp and circumstance. But the lie is so easy to double check, and refute, but this is the mistake the Narcissist makes.

They think that they can sell their version of the truth. And of course, in the instances that people question their lies, the narcissist goes on the offensive and claims to be victimized, bullied, or trolled.

Despite Meghan’s claims that the palace never protected her, I think they protected her quite a bit. And now we’re seeing all those stories coming out that the Palace kept under wraps for the sake of protecting her and Harry’s reputation.

Meghan Markle is playing the game of thrones and using her husband as a pawn.

She thought she could shift public loyalty in her favor and against the family. But that’s the biggest flaw in a narcissist’s game - they’re so blindly convinced that they are the most intelligent, most capable, and most charismatic person in the world, that they can outsmart, take control, and manipulate everyone around them.

And this is why Harry and Meghan’s game has completely fallen apart.


May 05, 2023

meghan is actually such a bitch


Oct 28, 2021

Such an enlightening exposure indeed!


Oct 26, 2021

Great article! It’s given me a new perspective on the whole prince harry meghan markle and the royal family situation


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