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To Be Hugged Is To Feel Human

What makes us the “super species” that we are today? It’s not just the industrial revolution or conquering the world to establish power all over the planet, it’s as simple as human touch. Human touch is the ultimate and the most precious gift given to mankind. At the end of the day I’d rather take a hug from my mom over all the jewels in the world. It’s not only our greatest strength but also about our weakness.

Our mortality is the greatest reminder of how quickly we can lose it. We being our ignorant selves don’t understand it’s true worth until we lose it. It’s more important than the air we breathe because what’s the point of living, if not for human touch. Lets begin from the basics, what is human touch? Human touch is not just an action, it’s a form of communication. As a matter of fact, it’s our very first form of communication. It’s a method to channel all your emotions to someone else with a single touch. Sharing and understanding those array of complex emotions which words couldn’t do justice. It is the reassurance given to us, it’s the reassurance we need in every stage of our mortal lives. Scientifically, oxytocin is the chemical related to human touch. It’s popularly known as the “cuddle hormone” among scientists. When we hug, touch or even sit next to someone, their levels increase which reduces stress and makes the person happier.

It has been proven that people with a better support system to rely on, live longer and have meaningful lives. Family therapist Virginia Satir once said, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” For a person mourning the death of another, a gentle, soothing tap on the hand is the reassurance that people are looking out for them. It’s the guarantee that things are bound to become better. For an adolescent, that pat on the shoulder upon their accomplishments, boosts self confidence, self esteem, and morale.

A tight hug from your grandmother, even though you haven’t visited her in weeks brings you comfort and a feeling of belonging. For people with anxiety, human touch is the primary way, you can make them feel not alone.

Why do you think businessmen confirm a deal with a firm handshake? It symbolizes the unity between the two parties. The connection which a new born infant feels when taken up in the arms of their mother, is something no machine can ever replicate.

When you softly caress the cheek of the infant when it’s asleep, it brings back life into our existence. Human touch has a way of bring people an inch closer and reminding us that being vulnerable to human touch doesn’t make us a felon. How is human touch relevant today? In these dreadful times as we live through a horror movie, the days are stretched out on the rack and the nights are starless and cold. These are moments when we need human touch the most, but can’t have it. No matter how much we long for it, we’re deprived of it for our own safety.

The human touch which brought us a feeling of safety and security might prove to be a threat to our lives and the very existence of our species. It is our lighthouse as we combat the perils at sea. It’s our only hope which might help us get through this- the hope of feeling the warmth of human touch again. And on some beautiful day, we will finally be able to receive that touch for what it was always meant to be: A sense of home and the hearth, and not as a symbol of our own mortality.

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01 Ağu 2021

Oh wow I cannot believe the amount of maturity in the way the writer is writing