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Intimacy Wellness Brands Are The New Sex Educators!

Find out how vibrators and massagers can hilariously double as quirky professors in the school of sexual wellness and hygiene!

MyMuse products have amused people in cities across India. Since 2020, the market size of intimate wellness brands has increased dramatically. According to Allied Market Research, the sexual wellness market generated $1.15 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $2.09 billion by 2030.  People tend to believe that the majority of sexual activity occurs in India's cities. However, studies show that young people in rural India make their sexual debut before the age of 18. It is shocking, but deeper concerns need to be addressed. However, the most pressing query citizens must ask is: Why is sex education the responsibility of companies rather than schools across India?

Condom and vibrator companies are the leading sex educators in India, spreading awareness about sexual intercourse.

Before delving into the success of intimate wellness brands, a quick recap of the sheer negligence and capricious approach of sex education in India; Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh have banned or refused to implement sex education in schools, the government would rather implement yoga than sex education in school, ‘sex’ education which is being taught scarcely in a few schools refrain from using the words ‘sex’ or ‘sexuality’ and primarily the only concept taught from the entire syllabus of sex education is the menstrual system.  The limited and shielded manner of addressing one of the most crucial aspects of the human body and hygiene is the leading cause of the increase in sexually transmitted diseases, lack of awareness, sexual violence and unsafe abortions. Lack of awareness leads to a lack of contraception which then leads to a lack of availability of safe abortions, which increases unsafe abortions or abandoning the child.  It is the ceaseless loop from hell.  Breaking this taboo which has been entrenched in our society’s foundation is a task which requires one to step out and shatter the glass ceiling. And that is where intimate wellness brands like Bold Care and MyMuse enter the stage.

In the latter half of the 21st century, the penetration of condom brands was observed in the markets of India. While it used to be placed beneath the counter, away from judging eyes a few years ago, today it has its mantel. One word shines through the glass — Durex. Durex crashed through the Indian market, committed to changing the perception of condoms and its role in sexual intercourse in 1997. With flashy colours like magenta and orange, the brand entices audiences to pay attention to what the company conveys.

Durex as a sexual wellness brand is educating people on safe sex and hygiene.

Additionally, their teasing phrases such as ‘Excite me’ and ‘Tickle me’ seduces the population of India into the safe and sanitary fashion of indulging in sex while wearing condoms. While there is nothing subtle about the packaging of Durex itself,  the company does consider society's rigid norms. Thus, Durex along with other brands like MyMuse, Bold Care, Kama Sutra, etc. offer discreet delivery for their customers. This secures the customer’s interest as the delivery omits the content of the package and does not mention the name of the product. This allows people to peacefully indulge in their pleasurable endeavours without the shame of it.

Bold Care is the latest brand curated specifically for men who want 'more out of life'. Bold Care annihilated the market by introducing sexual care products and highlighting common conversations surrounding erectile dysfunction and more for men in India, backed up by Ranveer Singh, the male idol for masculinity, and a stellar and witty advertisement set against the backdrop of a classic Indian serial, starring Johnny Sins, a famous pornographic actor. The advertisement launched Bold Care successfully and addressed the desire of a married couple to have sexual intercourse and navigate their way around it. It not only encouraged men to brush off the shame of talking about shortcomings of the sexual act but also reestablished the forgotten fact, that women too need and desire a pleasurable experience. With Bold Care offering products which encourage men and allow them to have fun, MyMuse and Kama Sutra provide women with various products to relieve stress after a long day of work. MyMuse offers a safe space for women to enjoy and explore different ways to elevate their experience. Kama Sutra similarly provides various tools to enhance the stimulation for women, allowing them to freely experience all sensations. MyMuse has an online community of women where no one judges the other for their choices. These companies catering to women and males both cultivate an understanding of the human need for pleasure and insert the conversation of sexual needs and education into mainstream discussions. Likewise, these brands are taking a step further into educating the masses. Bold Care, MyMuse, Durex, and many more have established blogs on their websites, providing insights into the many spectrums to explore sexual education and biology. Ranging from ‘How to use the massager’, ‘What is consent’ to ‘Practising Safe Sex’, the brands ensure their customers are well-taken care of and provide all information on sexuality, relationships and more.  

It is important to note that, despite India's history of being built on various concepts of sexuality and sex, society avoids the topic because it is taboo. This mindset has a regressive effect on India's population, as sexual violence continues to rise and victims are discouraged from speaking out about the attack because they are embarrassed and suppress their emotions. As previously stated, sexual activity is significantly higher in rural India (50%) than in urban areas, although the majority of sexual education is provided in developed cities. Despite these statistics, intimate wellness brands have not attempted to expand their reach to the rural population. With no formal education on the subject and no access to such knowledge platforms, the rural sector lags in the movement towards sexual education. With a lack of information regarding safe sexual practices, the population in rural India are more susceptible to STDS and HIV. Moreover, with hurdles like lack of transport or developed roads, it is a strain for villagers to travel to cities to get treatments or the appropriate materials. That is not to argue that government assistance is lacking, as NGOS and programs by the government offer sexual programs to address sexual behaviour in villages and educate the people. However, the supplies of sexual wellness and practice should be made available for villagers so they can also have the same experience and understanding as those in urban centres. Because of their traditions and customs, the locals may reject it, but we have no power to stop them from investigating and showing curiosity about products that foster a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere. There is a sexual relationship passion that is comparable to that of big cities even in suburban India.

Thus Bold Care, Kama Sutra and brands alike take note; there is a greater market in the outskirts of India, waiting to be educated and exposed to a whole new world of pleasures!