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Hamjamka Rhean: Rising Singer and Youtube Star

By The Editorial Team

I get a question very often, as to why I started with covers. It’s just because I thought cover songs will give me more exposure at first. Because I didn’t have anyone like godfather, anybody whom I know from the music industry or something like that. So I thought — I mean, two, three years back, there were quite some popular cover singers—cover songs singers, like (and …) and all those youtubers, they inspired me a lot during that time.

So I felt like I should give it a try. And on top of that I wasn’t a trained singer so I never thought that I will be singing in youth or uploading on the internet someday but I thought that I am getting a platform, that is also free and all those things…That is the reason why I thought that I should— you know— give it a try, because it was like my hobby before. So yes, this is the reason why I started uploading cover songs and, talking about originals, I had a plan that I might be doing originals songs, maybe when I reached more audience, when I have more subscribers. Like 100K, 200K subscribers then I thought I would have more audience and I can do my originals, then more people would see. So this is the reason why I started off with doing cover songs.

The number of followers I have is often something I’m asked about. It’s like — I don’t know, I mean before reaching those milestones, I felt like, you know, it is a very big thing to get. Getting 100K subscribers, or even millions view. I just used to— my goals were, when I uploaded videos, only 1K views, something like that, like 500 to 1K views or maybe 10k views. Even when I use to share to people, I would ask “please help me reach 1K views, to 10K views’. But then, fortunately I got millions views in my, like, second video, and that’s how — I don’t know, I mean…You know, I felt like it was a very great thing for me at that time. But now, by time, I feel like— You know this thing doesn’t really— the happiness isn’t really for long. I think this was the reason why I also— I’m at this stage where fame isn’t really exciting for me anymore. I felt like I have found true artist in me for that, true experience. I’m doing art, just for my escape, just because it makes me solely happy. Not because I may get fame out of it or something like that. I mean, now I do art simply for the sake of making me happy and as an escapism.

Maybe after five years — not five years ! Maybe after two years, after graduation, I might start doing vlogs, like travel vlogs, food vlogs, something like that. Vlogs, blogs,…And I will obviously be doing cover songs, originals maybe. But probably…I’m sure about this, I will be doing travel vlogs.

How do I manage my education and my YouTube channel ? Actually, you guys might have also seen that I stopped being very active on social media. I felt like, last past year or so, I was starting college. I feel like I was still adapting to the new environment, meaning my university. So I think I was really busy so I couldn’t upload much videos in social media platforms, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. But I think I can manage now again. So, I might be — I will start doing again regularly, I mean, yeah I can manage. If you love something, you will have time for it, and it all depends on our time management, so yes.

I would like to tell the aspiring artists, that they should not think much about what people might think about us. Because I think we all have different ideologies we follow and I think we should accept what people might respond, this or this way. We have the like or dislike button. We should not be adamant about this thing. We should not overthink about what people might think about us.

And, what else ? I would like to tell them, if you want to get a good amount of subscribers, then consistency is the key. Even if you might not succeed in the first few videos, I think if you are being consistent in YouTube then the audience will like it more. I mean I am not very consistent but I know that consistency is the key so I will tell them, if you start off with YouTube— it will be better for you if you are consistent and connect with people and your followers more.

We are now planning…growth is something we all desire. You know India is a very diverse country so we have our own regional languages and maybe Bollywood — you must have heard about Bollywood. So I might not do this Bollywood stuff right now but I have a plan of doing regional languages. Not it’s lockdown but maybe after lockdown, if I don’t have to go to the university where I study, we might might be starting to do original album. I have talked with some production houses owner in our State, so yeah, you guys can expect an album. But I will be singing and I may be acting.

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