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Deepika Padukone: A Global Icon Leading the Way

Deepika Padukone is one of the most celebrated actresses in Bollywood. Though it would be fair to say that she is one of the most celebrated global icons now. Her poise and the finesse of her being reflects in how she carries herself. As she says, 'I'm very sure and confident about who I am and what it is that I want', the gentle pauses she takes while speaking and the confidence as she walks and owns who she is second that.

Deepika Padukone At Oscars 2023

The daughter of Ujala Padukone and Prakash Padukone, neither of whom were a part of the cinema industry, Deepika gladly admits that she was 'naive' when she joined Bollywood. 'Be Yourself' has become a statement, a motto we keep telling ourselves and others, but it holds true for Deepika, who paved her own way. Whether it's her exceptional performance as an actor, her openness about struggling with her mental health, or her role as a global brand ambassador for numerous national and international brands like Louis Vuitton, she has come a long way simply by embracing and believing in who she is, and giving her absolute best.

Year after year, she has been adding achievements to her name like we add memories in our years. Unveiling the trophy at FIFA World Cup 2022, being a part of the Cannes Festival six times (since 2017) to being a member of the jury in 2022, she has been a global star, yet one who hasn't forgotten her roots. It's as if she honors where she comes from but believes in the possibilities the world has to offer.

Making it to Time Magazine's list of 100 most influential people, not just once, but twice, it makes sense as to why she influences so many people globally, on-screen and off-screen.

'The meaning and purpose', as she claims, is her biggest filter and aptly so. Whatever projects, movies, and platforms we see her on seem to be made only for her. Specially. Exclusively.

Om Shanti Om, directed by Farah Khan wasn't the first film she was offered. It was the first movie she was willing to do, willing to say 'Yes' to. Way back in 2006, she was the lead actress in the Kannada film - Aishwarya! Now, she has done more than 40 films, and crafting a distinct, special identity for herself, she deserves to be a part of the global stage.

Introducing Naatu Naatu, from RRR at Oscars 2023, she becomes the 3rd to have been honored that way. And, she does deserve every bit of it. Wearing that beautiful Louis Vuitton gown, she held the stage, powerfully.

An actor, producer, entrepreneur, dreamer, doer, and realistic mental health advocate - Deepika Padukone is a global icon who doesn't seem very distant! So much to learn from her!

'Take a bow' for she is a Mastani we will always admire!


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