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Deep into the Language of the Universe

What is the solution to agony? Why does my misery never end? How can I amplify my wishes? Is anyone listening? Are we truly heard? If so, what is the frequency to tune in?

If you also ponder these qualms, then this article is for you! Join me in analyzing the science of language and understanding how to tune into the Universe.

Our mind tunes into the frequency of the universe via our emotional states.

What are some of the most intense emotions you have ever felt—rage, anger, fear, love, passion, etc.? Emotions are our mental reactions to the situations we experience.

The human brain, a complex organ, houses the Limbic system, responsible for behavioral and emotional responses. While researchers don't fully understand all its structures, key parts controlling emotion include the amygdala, hippocampus, Limbic Cortex, and hypothalamus.

In the face of hardships, something shatters within us, unleashing a flood of emotions.

We all know the profound impact of emotional states; humans, as emotional beings, are deeply affected by our mental state.

Our mental state forms a vector space housing a range of emotions.

(Vectors: quantities with magnitude and direction)

(Vector Space: a space with vector elements and two binary operations)

Picture these emotion sets on a number line, akin to basic math diagrams. Let one end signify positive emotions and the other negative. Just as the number line has ZERO, our emotional line has a NEUTRAL/ZERO point! This point represents a state of detachment or silence, crucial for observing situations without being bound to their physicality. Observing in silence allows the mind to process by the law of detachment!

“Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.” ~Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA)

Imagine a river rushing down a rocky mountain stream. It encounters obstacles, boulders, and twists, yet it never gets stuck. The water gracefully adjusts its course, flowing around or over anything in its way. Detachment is like being the flow of this river—accepting life's changes and challenges without resistance. Navigate with flexibility, trusting the natural flow of the universe.

To follow the law of detachment, you don't suppress emotions or turn a blind eye. Instead, accept those emotions, allowing your stagnant energy to flow towards larger life goals, making them your reality!

“Let Silence speak to you about the secrets of the universe.” ~Rumi

As Rumi suggests, the secrets of the universe are conveyed through silence. But what are these secrets? The universe acts as the receiver of our frequencies—the language it understands is the frequency of our emotional state.

Unlike our spoken language, the universe comprehends the states of our mental vector space. Our mental space expresses emotions through wave signals, each carrying its own frequency. Our thoughts also carry frequencies. To manifest the reality we desire, we must communicate with the universe using the language it understands—our emotional state!

The words we use to manifest should mirror the flow of our energy redirected towards the universe. Complete trust in the universe is essential, acknowledging it as an exhibition of love from the Creator of all worlds. Focus on the idea that the universe is crafted for you, existing to assist and ease your journey toward the finality.

Therefore, the universe responds to the frequency of your emotional states, not the words or semantics you choose!

To grasp this concept, consider the emotional state of hatred. You often express hate with negatively charged words along the emotions' number line analogy, saying things like: 'I don't like this situation or this thing, etc.' We employ 'No/Don'ts' to convey our rejection of unwelcome situations.

However, the universe is indifferent to the quantity of 'No(s)/Don'ts' you use. What the universe truly comprehends is the frequency of hatred. Consequently, it continually sends you similar situations tuned to the frequency of hatred, creating a relentless cycle of negativity.

If you aim to attract the reality you desire, begin by detaching from unwanted or hateful situations. Acknowledge their occurrence, then ask yourself, 'What is it that you love?' Focus on what you desire in that adverse situation.

Once you identify it, manifest it in your emotional state through language. Express your love, visualize, and feel the emotional state you'll experience upon achieving your desired reality.

Trust the universe completely to inhabit the reality you're attracting. Tune into the language of the universe to become the version of yourself you desire!