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Book Recommendations: Electric Cars And You by Clifford R. Holliday

Book dedications are like those secret doors to the mind of an author that make you visualise why he wrote what he wrote.

It's not only passion for writing that makes someone write a book. It's also love for something that the person wants to put into words.

Electric Cars And You by Clifford R. Holliday, is a book that pays special attention to dedication. The author says his uncle introduced him to the 'magical world of automobiles.'

 Book Thoughts and Dedications - Electric Cars And You by Clifford R. Holliday

After reading the dedication, I felt the book I'm reading is driven by both purpose, passion and a 'life-long love of cars'.

It's interesting how the author has expressed his passion by interconnecting history and the future via comic books. It's the little things that make you feel nostalgic, right?

When I read the title and diverse experience of the author, I felt I needed to revisit technology but I was in for a surprise.

The author has put in effort to make this book gripping, informative, and engaging.

Starting from the history of electric vehicles, he leads you into the advancements of the 70s, 80s, and 90s without making you feel overwhelmed.

You understand how the future is also led by history and many advancements we talk about today have origins in the past.

'Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it'. Hmm?

History is connected to the past and future in ways that we may or may never fathom.

It's perhaps the conversations about past, present, and future that help us notice the deep connection between these three.

Electric Cars And You by Clifford is like listening to someone willing to share all his experiences and knowledge about cars. EVs, particularly.

The author has done unbiased research to present his views on BEVs, HEVs, and PEVs. The new cars we talk about today were popular back in the 90s.

He has added extensive lists, charts, and sketches about the global technological shifts in this area. You can get a good idea about the market, pricing, and your present and next buy.

The past and future of the market is presented to you, for you to decide the best buy for yourself.

Whether you're a car enthusiast or not, his understanding of you as a reader and as someone who may not know much about cars is what encourages you to read.

You marvel at the ease with which he shares his thoughts and opinions without making you feel like a stranger.

I came across terms like 'Range anxiety', 'Battery panic', 'Regenerative braking' and so much more and I could visualize whatever the author shared.

Throughout this book, I felt when people are passionate about something, they want others to understand. And, those who try to share their stories put in the effort to make others understand.

I read a book of this kind for the first time and it's nice to read about cars and the industry. Book Recommendations Book Recommendations Book Recommendations Book Recommendations


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