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Are We Meant to Live Alone?

'The night is dark and deep', I have heard this a lot of times. Sometimes in fiction, sometimes from people who live alone. Well, what impact does leaving alone have? How do sounds of life bring familiarity and ease to the troubled hearts? It's 3:32 am in the night. No, not fiction. I'm typing this on my phone while I hear snoring, breathing and other beautiful sounds of life. Of being alive. Are We Meant to Live Alone

Are We Meant to Live Alone

The silence of the night has been comforting. Oddly comforting. But, today, with eyes hooked to the screen, I wonder what people who live alone, with no signs of being alive around them thrive? They live, I know. You would say they get used to it or there are ways of living. But, at the core of who we are, don't we crave the presence of humans?

Are we really meant for complete solitude? Why then do your hearts melt when someone makes us feel better, lends a hand, shares a story, listens to our story? How is it beautiful when a simple gesture by a stranger can make you smile?

I get the concept of independent existence. The reasoning too. But, I don't get it to the core. I feel living alone is an illusion. Yes, yes, while writing this, I do think of the urgency, the consequences, and you know, the causes. I understand, how humans can destroy other humans to the point that they don't want to be surrounded by humans even if their heart craves for it.

And, as I sit today at this hour, making sense of everything and nothing, I imagine people coming home to no one. I can visualize a single tea cup in hand, and erased conversations. Or maybe conversations hanging in the air by a fragile thread. I can sense a home touched by no one and no memory. I can see things are either too messed up or too organized. TV might be ON any minute but who do you fight with to play your favorites? Whose snacks do you get to snatch? Solitude is comfortable, you may argue. I would say, yes it is. But, tell me, do you want solitude to stay or do you expect your family, friends, or neighbours to sit with you and have a bite over words?

While moving to new places, cities, and all is so common, and the consequences can be great. You get to value things more and find your core. But, as time plays its trick, you do ask yourself - what is life worth if you can't see someone smile, hear that crackling laughter, get into silly fights, and sort things over good food!

Okay, it's 3:45, and I think I'll get back to another musing. Life offers you so many reasons to think and be grateful for.

And, only when you write, you understand you're living a life someone away from home may be praying for. Strange ways of life, Dear Friend.

Presence is the price you pay for your dreams sometimes. And, if you're courageous enough, you pay the price of presence for your dreams.

And, sometimes, faith brings both together. The magic of life unfolds while we make sense of being alone and enjoying the solitude. What do you chose, is your poetry for life. One poem, one emotion. Volumes of your poetry book, called life. Stacked together. Maybe arranged. Maybe a mess. But, who gets to decide the titles? Ponder, Dear Reader.


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