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A Quantum Physics Explanation of Manifestation and Law of Attraction: It’s Not BS

Do you believe in creating your own reality? Dive deeper into the quantum realm of consciousness to discover how to attract your manifestations!

We attract our manifestations to create it the Reality.  There are all the possible versions of us present in the vast multiverse, the one which we attract becomes our Reality! A Quantum Physics Explanation of Manifestation: It’s Not BS

It has always been believed that humans are rational animals. However, we have moved far beyond this notion. We are much more than our rational and animal instincts. Our human existence represents the culmination of all creations in the universe. We have the capability to become what we decide to be! What could be better than becoming the reality of your own choice? Allow me to share some insights with you about this baffling phenomenon, where your mind intertwines with reality through the threads of quantum laws. Our brain is what differentiates us from the other creatures. It is responsible for thinking, articulating, expressing as well as interpreting all the sensory activities such as— vision, hearing and olfaction, etc. The epicenter of our brain—the Cerebral Cortex, has high-level cognitive functions that includes memory formation, attention, thought, language and consciousness, etc.!

While teens process information with the amygdala, the Pre-frontal Cortex of an adult's brain is the seat of their rationale. It responds to situations with good judgement and awareness of long-term consequences. The frontal lobe handles logic, reasoning, judgement, decision-making and creativity. "Everything is energy, and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

~Albert Einstein.

The famous physicist Albert Einstein, gave the Theory of Relativity, the equation—E=mc², demonstrates the interchangeability of mass and energy. According to it, energy and mass are two forms of the same thing and can be converted into each other. Thus, all matter contains energy. At the most fundamental level, everything is energy! Have you not experienced events that follow a similar pattern, occurring like a vicious cycle? We've all been there in our lives. These vicious cycles have a negative impact on our lives, causing a stagnation in our journey toward a hopeful future. The sensation of being stuck in the tempest of difficult times drains our positive energy, and gradually, the negative energy overpowers us.

Everything is energy, and by its nature, energy is meant to flow. If you've ever felt a stagnation where similar situations keep arising, or you find yourself stuck in the same relationship rollercoaster, or you've been working towards something without seeing results, it's crucial to understand that there is a blockage in the energy between your mind and the reality it attracts.

So, the chronology unfolds: when energy cannot flow, it becomes stagnant. We find ourselves in the same circumstances until, and unless, we redirect the flow once again. Now, how do you direct the flow of energy? If you're ruminating for its answer, get ready to dive into the unimaginably beautiful quantum realm to understand two of the most important theories of Quantum Physics! In 1920, The Copenhagen Interpretation, a theory by Warner Heisenberg and Neils Bohr, the two prominent physicists to advocate Quantum Mechanics, together suggested that a Quantum system remains in a superposition of states i.e. existing in all possible states at once until... it's been observed or measured. Upon this act of measuring or observing, the wavefunction collapses and the whole system settles into one definite state. It is this state which our eyes sees, be it any particle or matter or the reality containing everything around us! In 1957, an interesting theory was proposed by Hugh Everett, The Many Worlds Interpretation. According to this, all possible outcomes of a quantum event actually occur in some branch or worlds in a vast Multiverse. This means each time a quantum measurement is made, the universe splits into multiple worlds to accommodate each possible outcome. In this interpretation the wavefunction never actually collapses, leading to all potential states continuing to to exist in separate, non-communicating Universes.

The observer, in each Universe, only perceives one of these outcomes which is why we don't see superposition in our everyday world! There is one commonly used idea in both of the fore-mentioned interpretations is—the Act of Observation or the Measurement! When we observe something we look out for it, we seek it, we pay attention to the very fact that it exists! And in the case of waves for instance, the Energy, as we observe it, pays our attention towards it…it collapses! Collapses to become what we can see i.e., becomes our Reality! The act of Observation demands your Attention. Once you are able to direct your right kind of attention to the attributes you desire, you can create your Reality! Let me take you through the step by step guide to create in your life— the Quantum event of your own choice! As soon as you encounter any similar situation that keeps on repeating itself, acknowledge the fact that there is a stagnation of Energy! Focus on the flow of energy. It has to be redirected in order to come out of your vicious cycle. Redirecting demands your Attention! Wherever the attention goes, your energy flows there. To redirect your energy, you need to distinguish between the right kind of attention you should be attracting. The Attention we possess, in its nature, are of two main types—Polar and Non-Polar attentions!

Polar attention has the power to attract and repel reality. Now, if you want to repel something, you need to focus your attention towards what you want to attract. Repelling a problem is the same as attracting its solution! So, we need to focus on the attracting part!

If your heart feels an emotion, the mind perceives it. Whether, positive or negative, the content of the feeling will correspond your mind's perception and the nature of your perception will direct you to the life which keeps on attracting that same kind of attention —positive or negative! However, Non-Polar attention is completely neutral in its nature. It has the power to dissolve reality. When we perceive something with a Non-Polar attention, the event comes and passes by. The event has no power over us! We have accepted it as it is! We are neither positive nor negative about that event. To the contrary, life cares more about the content of your attention rather than the nature of your attention. So, to manifest a quantum event in your life, it doesn't matter if you are attracting positive attention or negative attention, you need to choose the content of your attention with utmost mindfulness!

For instance, if you hate being late to your physics class, you are just going to end up being late for the whole semester! However, if you love coding, you're just going to get lots of coding opportunities coming in your way! So basically, if you focus your attention more to what you hate or dislike, you are attracting it! You are redirecting your flow of energy towards the events you hate! Collapsing the wavefunction of these events and creating your fears to become your Reality! In order to create the reality of your own choice, you need to understand the flow of the Universe. Once you start focusing your attention towards what you want to become or to achieve, the flow of energy will be redirected towards the particular branch of Multiverse which contains the probability of it! Observe it and that will collapse the wavefunction of your desired event… You have just attracted the reality of your own choice! Manifesting a particular version of yourself can thus help you to attract the reality which already exists in the worlds of vast multiverse. All you have to do is: focus your attention and seek it —the collapse will create your Reality! manifestation and law of attraction manifestation and law of attraction