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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

College 101: I wish I did not have to learn these things the hard way.

Applying to college and getting ready to leave home can be chaotic. It is also a fascinating time in your life, during which you will learn much about the world and yourself. When I first packed my bags for college, all I could think about was going to parties, not worrying about morning classes, and making many friends. Still, nothing prepared me for what was to come. Things I Wish I Knew Before College

I learned a lot in my four years of college, but there is so much I wish I had known that would have better prepared me for this stage of life and how to use it to better prepare for young adulthood. Here are ten things I wish I had known before I started college:

College can be both intimidating and fun. Here are 10 tips to help you survive.

10. Let Go of Toxic People

I've had my fair share of disappointing people in my life. It is too easy to get caught up in the college social scene and place too much emphasis on running with certain crowds and joining certain clubs. It's also simple to justify spending time with people who don't treat you or others well simply because they belong to a particular social circle.

People who are unkind to you, gossip about you behind your back, and so on are harmful. Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you and make you feel a lot better about yourself. The sooner you gain the courage to choose your friends and follow your path, regardless of what is "cool," the happier you will be.

9. Take That Random Class You Find Interesting

If you have yet to decide what to do, enroll in a class that excites you (especially if the professor is outstanding). You never know where it will lead; it might just be a class you enjoy. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about new subjects.

8. Learn about financing

No classes at college (even if you take a finance course!) will teach you how to manage your money on the street. Ensure you understand how to keep track of your expenses, avoid credit card debt, and what type of job will match your starting salary goal.

While learning about atoms would have been helpful if I were a scientist today, learning about money would have benefitted me as an adult. hings I Wish I Knew Before College

7. You will have to figure out how to live with someone you do not like.

So I expected to walk into my college dorm, see my roommate, and then poof! We'd instantly become close friends and live harmoniously after. The reality was far from that. We were opposites who grudgingly endured our first year in close quarters. Living with other people also implies that you must sometimes accept their habits and accept that they may not like you. hings I Wish I Knew Before College

6. Do not get hung up on what you think you are "supposed" to be doing.

I was torn between what I should and wanted to do in college. Yes, there was always a party to attend, but they were exhausting!! I didn't have fun when I forced myself to go, and the cycle continued. I wish someone had told me that I should choose between studying and sleeping. I can confidently state that no one cares what party I attended or did not attend today. Learn to be happy with who you are as a person. You will meet many people who think and act differently than you, but there is only one of you.

5. Make contact with your professors!

Going above and beyond as a student makes a big difference. Connections made in college are beneficial when looking for your first job. Not only can your mentors and other support staff alert you to opportunities, but they can also provide character references for you—handy when you have a short resume and a few former bosses to contact. And it's not just about making professional connections; you may also find a confidant in them. hings I Wish I Knew Before College

4. Join New Clubs

At the start of the academic year, there will be a club fair featuring all campus clubs. GO FOR IT!! Allow time to explore the various organizations available at your school, even for a few minutes. Aside from courses, your primary social circle will be formed by the activities you participate in on campus. Make a list of the clubs that interest you and attend the first meeting of all of them. Don't feel forced to stay if you don't enjoy it.

The main point is to try at least. I never thought I'd want to be a part of a big society in college, but that's where I met the best people I could connect with (they're like family now) and where the opportunities came in flying!

3. Focus on self and personality-building

This is something that many people realize only after they start college. True, college is a hectic time in one's life. It is also a time when many people forget to look after themselves. You should always focus on yourself and spend some me time, regardless of how far into the college you are. Concentrating on yourself and spending quality time alone can help you better understand yourself and what you want from life.

Making time in your busy schedule for activities that you believe will benefit you is always advisable. You can practice yoga, go to the gym, meditate, or sit and read a book. You must devote sufficient time to developing your personality and personal brand, which will benefit your professional career.

2. Keep in touch with friends and family.

When things get tough, as they will in your first year of college, lean on people who care about you. If you go away to college, as I did, you may feel as if your friends and family from home are too far away. However, a lengthy vent session or heart-to-heart can help you reset your perspective and remember why you're in school. Remember to value the value of a support network!

1. Everyone is scared

College is a time to experiment, make mistakes, and learn. You may believe everyone else has it all figured out, but they are also scared down there. While some of your classmates will tell you they've known what they want to do or where they want to be since birth, it's okay if you haven't.

These years you spend in college may be the quickest of your life, but they are also the most action-packed! So take advantage of your opportunity and get out there!

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